Welcome to this unofficial Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising fan site created by fans of the game for fans of the game.

You will find in this site a number of things associated with the game, from video clips, screenshots, battle reports, up and coming mission releases, mission update progress, hints and tips, tutorials for the Mission editor and various other things that may spring up in the future. Many of the members from the OFPDR forums are probably aware of what is going on, but, many are not and this is our chance to give the fans of the game a taste of what is available to them.

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If you are considering making a mission for Dragon Rising and have never thought about how to do it, then look no further than what is going to become available to you in the very very near future at www.operationflashpoint.forumotion.com .

There is already a bunch of youtube tuts availablefor you to use, but those videos use the vanilla mission editor for making missions. With the Editor Expansion pack, you can build a mission in a day basically. I stand by this claim because it is totally possible to achieve.


Myself and Tjdagger are already in the process of making a few videos for the EDx and how to use the modules. they are simple and easy to follow, some long some short it all depends on what we are talking about.

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New tutorials being released!

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